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No matter where you are, stories are what keep us connected. Try some of these classic theatre activities with your family or friends, and see what amazing tales you can come up with--together.  

Fortunately / Unfortunately

Fortunately/Unfortunately is a group storytelling game where participants work together to create a story one line at a time. Fortunately, there is a twist! Unfortunately, this game may also lead to almost too much fun!

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Exquisite Corpse

This group storytelling activity will keep your brain sparked and your sides-splitting. Play digitally or at home!

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Sharpen your creative skills with these imagination-building activities for the whole family. What problems can you solve, magic can you conjur, and ideas and you develop as you stretch and bend your brain?

3 Changes

Test your skills of observation! Can you catch all the changes your partner makes or will you be defeated?! This game will keep you guessing (and learning)!

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OK Goggle

It's time to ask the great and all knowing search engine the big questions you have always wondered about. The only problem is "The Powerful Goggle" does not always give you the answer you expect...

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This is not a...

Challenge yourself to transform an ordinary object into something else using only your face, body, and those wonderful wits.

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Mime Rhyme

Can you guess the secret word? How good are you at charades? How good are you at RHYMING?!?! Check out this activity for all ages that will keep you guessing.

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It's time to get up and move, dance, stretch, and express yourself! 

Pass the Mask

What's the funniest face you can make? This game will most certainly make you laugh and it will test your facial expression skills to the limit! Shake out of self-consciousness and give some structured silliness a try.

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Stop! Dance! Clap!

Wake up your brain and get your body moving. This challenging game will make you think, move, and laugh. 

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