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Engage & Learn

Theatre is for everyone!

No matter your experience level, whether an aspiring artist or someone who wants to light a spark of creativity in the world, Asolo Rep Education & Engagement creates pathways for all people to experience, create, and connect through theatre.   


For Youth

Interested in theatre camps and classes that inspire creativity and imagination? Find out more about Asolo Rep's programs for Young Artists, including: 

  • Unique camps and classes for ages 6-18 

  • Technique-based training with professional theatre artists 

  • Summer, Winter, and Spring Break Camps 


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For Adults

Love the theatre and want to learn more about how it's made? Check out our Lifelong Learning opportunities, designed for adults, including: 

  • Online classes and workshops 

  • In-person classes 

  • Opportunities to connect with others through art and conversation 


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For Educators

Explore our school-based programs and educator resources including: 

  • Asolo Rep On Tour, a yearly school and community tour across Florida, and Student Series, school-time matinees and evening student performances 

  • In-classroom residencies that bring the page to the stage and student learning to life!  

  • Professional development opportunities for educators and administrators  

  • Digital curriculum, activities, resources and ideas for educators and parents 

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For Communities

Learn more about how Asolo Rep is using theatre to spark conversation, raise awareness, and build community: 

  • Inclusive and accessible performing arts programming with and for neurodivergent individuals and individuals with disabilities 

  • Responsive and customizable community programs and partnerships  

  • Community Conversations about the art onstage, through the IllumiNation Series 

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For Emerging Artists

Click here to learn more about Asolo Rep's Career Development Program, including:

  • Apprenticeships in a professional setting with support from Asolo Rep staff
  • Fellowships to bring you to the next level
  • University-based internships




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For Audiences

What happens on stage is just the beginning. Check out a whole world of opportunities to learn and engage with the artists and performances you love, including:




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Asolo Rep’s Education & Engagement Director is sponsored by the Muriel O’Neil Fund for the Performing Arts of Community Foundation of Sarasota County.


Dec 2022