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The 2019-20 Season | FSU Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training


By  Sophocles

OCT 30 – NOV 17, 2019

In the aftermath of a bloody war, Thebes celebrates victory while Antigone mourns the loss of both her brothers in battle.  When King Creon refuses one of the two brothers all rites of burial, the young girl is left facing an awful choice.  One of the great classics of Greek drama that speaks as powerfully today as it did when first performed - when faced with the conflict between law and personal morality, what is the right choice?

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By Rajiv Joseph | 2010 Pulitzer Prize Finalist

JAN 1 – 19, 2020

Doug and Kayleen met at age eight in the nurse’s office at their parochial school. Over the course of 30 years, the two build a complex connection over a lifetime of injuries, both physical and emotional. Doug is a daredevil jock with a bit of a death wish; Kayleen struggles with her own internal demons. Moving back and forth in time, the play follows the difficult path of friendship, love and adulthood. Truly a different type of love story, this dark comedy will leave you smarting from its sharp humor and sharper insights.

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By Sarah Ruhl

FEB 19 – MAR 8, 2020

It’s life on the line. In a quiet café an unsuspecting young woman, irked by an insistently ringing cell phone, discovers that its owner is, in fact, dead. In an impulsive move, she decides to answer the call and her fateful act plummets her deeply into the dead man’s mysterious life. Reveling in the intrigue, she attends his funeral, meets his eccentric family and embarks on a wild film-noir odyssey. Dean Man’s Cell Phone is a comic meditation on morality, redemption, and connecting in a technologically obsessed world.

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The Andrei Project - HANG

By debbie tucker green

Directed by Andrei Malaev-Babel


His life. In her hands. A woman and her family are victims of an undisclosed, horrific crime at the hands of an unidentified, and now incarcerated, assailant. Years later, their lives still reeling from the events of that horrible night, the woman is summoned by two government officials to determine how the perpetrator will die. Chilling, darkly humorous and beautifully poetic, this powerful play brings us into the heart of her unimaginable decision.

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Perfomed at Marie Selby Gardens

APR 8 – 25, 2020

We celebrate our fourth season of Shakespeare in the Gardens with the love story that has defined romance for more than four centuries. A star-crossed couple, more in love than they knew was possible, are ultimately undone in the midst of the unyielding and blood-thirsty feud of their families. Magical Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is the perfect setting for this timeless tale filled with life, passion, laughter, tears, sword fighting and, perhaps, the most romantic poetry in all of literature.

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