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Asolo Repertory Theatre 2021-22 Season

Virtual Local Non-Equity Auditions

Casting Representatives:  Celine Rosenthal, Associate Artistic Director

For the safety of all involved, Asolo Rep is offering prospective Non-Equity performers the opportunity to send submissions via filmed capture in place of holding live Auditions. Subsequent Call Backs will be held on a case by case basis, depending on what Asolo Rep’s Covid Compliance Officer advises.

To submit a video audition: All Non-Equity performers may visit https://asolorep.wufoo.com/forms/zswlmfb11nfp9k/ and fill out the online form through October 15, 2021.

For Dramatic Auditions prepare two monologues, no more than two minutes total. 

For Musical Auditions prepare either two contrasting 16-32 bar cuts, or 16 bars of a song and a one-minute contemporary monologue.


2021-22 Season, with available Non Equity and EMC roles listed.

Mertz Theatre (LORT B):


Music by Galt MacDermot.

Book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado

Directed and Choreographed by Josh Rhodes

First Rehearsal: 10/12/2021 | First Preview: 11/17/2021 | Closing: 01/1/2022

[UNDERSTUDY/SWING]: 20s, any gender, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled.



By Thorton Wilder

Directed by Desdemona Chiang

First Rehearsal: 12/17/2021 | First Preview: 01/12/2022 | Closing:  03/26/2022

[REBECCA GIBBS]: 12-14, female-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A proud but kind young girl. A strong sense of self, she is curious about the world and its relationship to other planets.

[WALLY WEBB]: 12-14, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A typical boy of the time; excited and upbeat about the world. 

[SI CROWELL]: 12-14, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. Joe Crowell, Jr.'s younger brother. He becomes the new newspaper delivery boy following in his brother's footsteps. 

[STAGE MANAGER UNDERSTUDY]: 50s-60s, any gender identity, BIPOC, nondisabled or disabled. The narrator of Our Town. Guides both the audience and the characters through. Kind, wise, and smooth-talking, the Stage Manager assumes a godlike position within the play. Takes on the roles of various town citizens throughout.

[DR. GIBBS UNDERSTUDY]: 30s-50s, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A fatigued and successful town doctor. He knows everyone in town and all of their families. In love with his wife and proud of his children.

[MRS. GIBBS UNDERSTUDY]: 30s-50s, female-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A serious, crisp woman. She is loving and caring towards her family, living a routine life as the wife to the town doctor. A romantic who dreams of one day visiting Paris, France.

[MR. WEBB UNDERSTUDY]: 30s-50s, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. The local newspaper editor and publisher, he is well educated and knowledgeable about city-wide occurrences. 

[MRS. WEBB UNDERSTUDY]: 30s-50s, female-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A no-nonsense woman who greatly loves her family. While she keeps her demeanor intact, she secretly worries about her children and their readiness for the real world. 



By Bess Wohl

Directed by Celine Rosenthal

First Rehearsal: 12/28/2021 | First Preview: 01/19/2022 | Closing: 03/25/2021

[NANCY UNDERSTUDY]: 60s-70s, female-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled. Wife to Bill, mother to Ben and Brian. Retired librarian who wants a divorce with her husband after 50 years of marriage.

[BILL UNDERSTUDY]: 70s, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled. Husband to Nancy, father to Ben and Brian. Bill is stiff, but trying to loosen up by taking a stand-up comedy class; however, it doesn’t seem to be making him any funnier.

[CARLA UNDERSTUDY]: 70s, fmale-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. A neighbor in retirement community who becomes Bill’s girlfriend. A free-spirit, the two meet at a stand-up comedy class.



By Lauren Yee

Directed by Vanessa Stalling

First Rehearsal: 1/18/2022 | First Preview: 02/9/2022 | Closing: 03/27/2021

[MANFORD UNDERSTUDY]: Late teens early 20s, male-identifying, Chinese-American, nondisabled. Intense, scrappy, runs into trouble, attacks the rim, with a ruthless crossover. Not tall. More Allen Iverson than Jeremy Lin.

[CONNIE UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, female-identifying, Chinese-American, nondisabled or disabled. Manfords cousin and UC Berkeley Grad Student. Levelheaded, big picture. A Chris Paul/Klay Thompson type.

[WEN CHANG UNDERSTUDY]: 40s, male-identifying, Chinese, nondisabled. The coach of Beijing University's Men's Basketball Team. Observant, efficient. Favors three pointers over aggressive inside shots. Tim Duncan would appreciate his energy. His English is formal, but relatively unaccented.



Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens

Book adapted by Frank Galati

Director Frank Galati

First Rehearsal: 3/8/22 | First Preview: 4/15/22 | Closing: 5/11/22

[RUFUS FOLLET UNDERSTUDY]: 6-10, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled. An only child. Extremely smart and particularly sensitive to language and music. He has all the energy and curiosity of most boys his age but he feels uncomfortable because of his name and later excited by the notoriety his father’s death brings. He grows up to be the author, moved by the wonders of the world, delighted by the magic of words, and filled with love for his parents and family. Vocal range: Good singer (C4 to C5)



Music and Lyrics by Lewis Flinn

Book by Douglas Carter Beane

Directed by Mark Brokaw

First Rehearsal: 4/26/22 | First Preview: 6/3/22 | Closing: 6/26/22

[ROBIN UNDERSTUDY] – 20s, male-identifying, BIPOC, nondisabled. Pop-rock bari-tenor.

[MARIAN UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, female-identifying, BIPOC, nondisabled.

[LADY JANE UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, any gender, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled

[MUCH/CRANK UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, any gender, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled

[ALAN A’DALE/BAKER UNDERSTUDY] - 20s-30s any gender, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled Tenor, must play guitar.

[LITTLE JOHN UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, male-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled. Must be 6ft or taller. Bass.

[GAMBLE GOLD UNDERSTUDY]: 20s, non-binary or female-identifying, any race/ethnicity, nondisabled or disabled


COOK Theatre (LORT D):


By Jonathan Spector

Directed by Bianca Laverne Jones

First Rehearsal: 4/19/22 | First Preview: 5/11/22 | Closing: 6/4/22

[DON UNDERSTUDY]: 50s, male-identifying, white, disabled or nondisabled. Head of the school. A calming presence. He worked hard to become the man he is. From New England, moved to Berkeley in the early 80s chasing the last gasp of hippie-dom. Started in education as a music teacher, and on difficult days fantasizes about going back to it. Has lived with his partner in the same rented In-law unit for 25 years. She makes pottery. They go to Esalen three times a year. No kids.

[MEIKO UNDERSTUDY]: 30s, female-identifying, biracial (Japanese/white), nondisabled. Berkeley native. Went to UC Berkeley and has never lived anywhere else, or wanted to. Has a big network of friends, from having grown up here. A landscape architect, which she’s good at but a little bored by. A year after the end of a tortured on-again off-again eight year relationship, became a single mother by choice, of Olivia. When her daughter was young, Meiko’s mother was effectively a coparent, but less so now. Would sort of like to have another child, but feels like she’s too old to think about doing it alone, again.

[WINTER]: 30s-50s, any gender identity, any race/ethnicity disabled or nondisabled. This is a walk on role with no lines.


Asolo Repertory Theatre is committed to equal opportunity employment and an inclusive, anti-racist casting policy. Asolo Repertory Theatre is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Applicants from populations underrepresented in the theater field are strongly encouraged to apply. All qualified applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin, ability, age, or veteran status.




Now in its 63rd season, Asolo Repertory Theatre is recognized as one of the premier professional theatres in America and one of the largest in the Southeastern United States. One of the few select theatres in the nation that performs in true rotating repertory, Asolo Rep’s highly skilled acting company and extensive craftsmanship bring to life this unique performance method that gives audiences the opportunity to see multiple productions in the span of a few days. Asolo Rep presents up to 10 productions each season including contemporary and classic works and provocative musical theatre experiences. A theatre district in and of itself, Asolo Rep is committed to expanding its reach into the community, furthering its collaboration with the best theatre artists working in the industry today and cultivating new artists through its affiliation with the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training. Under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Michael Donald Edwards and Managing Director Linda DiGabriele, Asolo Rep’s ambitious theatrical offerings and ground-breaking education and community programming engage audiences and ensure its lasting legacy for future generations. www.asolorep.org