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For Educators

Asolo Rep On Tour

Connecting our Community Through Classic Stories 

Asolo Rep On Tour creates innovative and accessible 45-minute adaptations of classic literature that travel into communities and schools throughout the state of Florida. Bring our reimagining of a classic story into your school or community this fall!

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Student Performances

Join us for world-class Asolo Rep productions that fit into curriculum and are catalysts for classroom conversations.


Whether experiencing a student matinee or diving into interactive study guides, Student Series performances are great opportunities for students and educators to explore the connections, learning, and excitement in professional theatre.   


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BardWired is a set of educational programs that dive into the powerful words of Shakespeare’s text, exploring different ways of adapting, interpreting, and connecting with classic stories.

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Create with us!

Kaleidoscope is an umbrella of programs that celebrate the unique voice and creative expression of neurodivergent individuals and individuals with disabilities through the performing arts. 

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