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Student and School-Time Performances

Experience professional theatre in your classroom!

Experience world-class Asolo Rep productions that fit into curriculum and are catalysts for classroom conversations. Student Series have been designed to take students from the classroom into the wide-world of theatre and back again!


Looking for information about our 2021-2022 Season Performances and Programming for Students? More information coming soon! Sign-up to receive information as soon as it is available: 


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Currently Streaming:

William Shakespeare's

Hamlet, Prince of Cuba

Adapted and Directed by Michael Donald Edwards

Spanish Translation by Nilo Cruz

Presented In Spanish with English subtitles

Available to stream March 3, 2021. 

“The Play’s the thing,” and this rendition of Hamlet is unlike any you have seen before! Set amongst the ruling elite of 1898 Cuba, this bilingual production immerses your class into a fresh portrayal of a son’s struggle for revenge and the consequences that threaten to destroy the lives of those he loves. 

Perfect for the theatre, literature, or Spanish language class, the streaming of the production is accompanied by learning materials for grades 7th-12th that align with Florida CPALMS Standards.


PLEASE NOTE: This streaming performance gives your class access to the Spanish version of the production with open English captioning. In addition, all digital, interactive curriculum for Hamlet, Prince of Cuba, is in both English and Spanish. 

                                                                     Download the Content Guide


The Program:

What is the Student Series?

As part of Asolo Rep’s long-running Access to the Arts program, Student Series provides a menu of Asolo Rep’s world-class productions, made available to stream to classrooms, virtual learning students, homeschool students, and university classes.


These “Asolo Rep Classics” are chosen for their relationship to the curriculum; the Asolo Rep Education & Engagement team has designed learning opportunities that encourage students to explore each story in interactive and reflective ways, provoking thought and creating discourse.


Join us as we dive into our past, create with our future, and learn more about our present--through theatre!


  • Streaming Performance from the Asolo Rep Archives.


  • Classroom Connection Website that includes:
    • Content Information that parents, educators, and administrators can use to set-up expectations about the production for classes, students, and communities.
    • Interactive Dramaturgy (contextual resources) about the story and Shakespeare that can be shared in class, or can be a deep-dive by students to learn more.  
    • Learning Activities that are based in curriculum and can be experienced as a class or as individual learners, designed for grades 7-12.


PLEASE NOTE: All interactive curriculum for Hamlet, Prince of Cuba, is in both English and Spanish. 

**Learning Activities are connected to Florida State Standards, but educators and students from all over can absolutely join in!


  • Middle and High school learners


  • In-classroom and concurrent learning classes


  • Virtual learners and homeschoolers


  • University classes


  • Educators who are looking to spice-up their classroom with digital tools, art, and conversation.



Asolo Rep is working hard to make our programs accessible and affordable for students, educators, and community organizations. We believe that theatre is for everyone, and that by inviting many voices and minds to experience the stories we tell onstage or online, we are developing conversations that will strengthen our future. 


For the spring of 2021, Asolo Rep invites schools, classrooms, and virtual learners/homeschoolers within Charlotte County, DeSoto County, Hardee County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County, Pinellas, or Sarasota County to stream Hamlet, Prince of Cuba for a small administrative fee. This streaming opportunity will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to register today!




General Admin Fee: $25

Local Admin Fee: $5 (for Educational Institutions located within Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, or Sarasota County.) 


Virtual/Homeschool Learner:

General Admin Fee: $10

Local Admin Fee: $5 (for students within Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas or Sarasota County)


Full School:

Please contact education@asolo.org if you would like to set up a full-school experience with us. 


  • Register to access the production (you can go HERE).
  • If you do not have an Asolo Rep log-in, be sure to create one instead of registering as guest. Having a log-in will give you access to the performance and other digital content.
  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to stream. 

When you are Ready to Watch the Production: 

  • The production is available to stream on March 1st. 
  • Go to asolorep.org and click the red "Log-in" button in the right-hand corner of the page. 
  • Log into the account that you created to register for the production. 
  • On the Digital Content page, you will be able to see the title and information for Hamlet, Prince of Cuba. To access the show, playbill, video talkback and curriculum website, you can click the "View Content" button on the right. 

  • The production can be accessed until June 11th, 2021.

  • Enjoy the show! 

Book your Student Series Experience




You can experience this performance in your classroom or digital classroom! We invite you to book an experience that works with your classes’ needs and classroom culture.


Available for streaming March 3-June 11, 2021 

General Classroom Admin Fee: $25

Local Classroom Admin Fee: $5 (for Educational Institutions located within Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, or Sarasota County.)

Note: Due to union regulations, all classes must be registered with their school email and the name of their Educational Institution.



Virtual Learners/Homeschoolers

Experience professional theatre from your home or favorite socially-distanced workspace! This program provides an virtual learning experience that will spark imagination and provoke conversation.


Available for streaming March 3-June 11, 2021 


General Virtual Learner/Homeschooler Admin Fee: $10

Local Virtual Learner/Homeschooler Admin Fee: $5 (for students within Charlotte, Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas or Sarasota County)


Note: Due to union regulations, all participants in the Student Series must provide proof of connection to an Educational Institution/Umbrella School/Co-op. 




University Classes

Bring your syllabus to life with Asolo Rep's world-class productions. Dive deeply into script and story or analyze production pieces--these offerings give fodder for contemplation and conversation with academically-geared theatre makers. 

Note: University class participants will need to register with a .edu from their Educational Institution.

Connect with our team: education@asolo.org

Contact Us

For more information contact:
Asolo Rep Education & Engagement 

Student Series is made possible, in part, with support from: