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Young Artists: Ages 6-7

Artistic Adventures Summer Camp 

Take a leap and let your imagination soar this summer at Asolo Rep! Artistic Adventures camps invite students to dream big and experience bold new stories as they build teamwork and creative problem-solving skills through theatre.

This camp is for 6 to 7-year-olds who love using their imaginations, have a dramatic side, and/or enjoy creating and acting out stories. No experience necessary – theatre is for everyone!  

*Note: 5-year-olds are welcome to join us for the Creator Camp with Sarasota Contemporary Dance. 

2022 Camps

June 20-24: Creator Camp with Sarasota Contemporary Dance

NOTE: This camp is available for campers 5-7 years old. 

Join Asolo Rep and Sarasota Contemporary Dance for Creator Camp: a space for young artists to imagine, create, and discover through stories. In this 5-day camp, Young Artists work with professional teaching artists to transform colorful works of art into dance, drama, and stories sparked by their own imaginations. No performance experience is needed--just bring your creativity and excitement as you learn how to bring ideas to life!

Camps run 9am - 2pm.  

Morning and After Care is available when purchasing. Learn more


  • Early Bird Pricing available until April 1: $175/week 
  • After April 1: $200/week 
  • Financial Assistance/Scholarships available. Learn more.



July 5-8: Drama Days

Ignite the imagination and spark creativity! Drama Days, designed for ages 6-11, invites campers to experience a different theatre adventure every day. 

Choose your own camp adventure: sign up for one day or the whole week!  

  • July 5: Quest! (focus on creating characters)
  • July 6: Miniature Worlds (focus on building worlds)
  • July 7: Go! Do! Be! (focus on improvisation and humor)
  • July 8: Enchantment (focus on storytelling)

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July 11-July 15: Quest!

Roll for initiative and let your imagination guide your journey! Do you love role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons? This week is for you! In this camp, Artistic Adventurers imagine exciting characters that work together to overcome evil orcs, stinky socks, and whatever other obstacles come their way. Check their stats, search for traps, and roll the dice on a week-long adventure.   

Artistic Adventurers will:  

  • Explore story structure and collaboration.    

  • Create and build stories together.   

  • Bring their quest to life using creative problem solving, performance skills, and art-making activities.  

  • Have fun and exciting journeys!  


July 18-July 22: Miniature Worlds / Mundos de miniatura*

Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived on a planet hardly any bigger than he was, and who needed a friend. During this 5-day imagination lab inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's beloved story The Little Prince, Artistic Adventurers will create universes, worlds, and stories of all sizes!     

Había una vez un principito que vivía en un planeta que era apenas más grande que él y que necesitaba un amigo. En estos 5 días del laboratorio de imaginación los Adventureros Artisticos crearán universos y mundos de todo tamaño, inspirados por El Principito de Antoine de Saint-Exupery. 

Artistic Adventurers will: 

  • Develop imaginary characters and worlds. 

  • Create using simple design techniques, engineering skills, basic craft materials, and their own wonderful wits. 

  • Embody their creation using creative problem solving, performance skills, and story building.    

  • Connect and collaborate! 

* *Este campamento será facilitado por un artista bilingüe (Español /Inglés)//Designates a camp facilitated by a bilingual teaching artist (Spanish/English) 


July 25-July 29: Go Wild!

Take a walk on the wild side! This week, Artistic Adventurers dare to be different, creating personas that let their personalities shine through. Whether slithering like a salamander or just vibing like a velociraptor, this dynamic experience invites young artists to spark their creativity and connect through their own special brand of animal awesomeness. 

Artistic Adventurers will:  

  • Explore story structure and collaboration through a beloved children’s book.   

  • Create and build stories and characters together.   

  • Bring animal worlds to life using creative problem solving, performance skills, and art-making activities.  

  • Have fun and exciting journeys! 


August 1-August 5: Enchantment

Magic, magic everywhere – let’s explore it all! In this charming camp, Artistic Adventurers celebrate their extraordinary enchantments and collaboratively create stories and spaces.  

Artistic Adventurers will:  

  • Explore what is unique and magical about them.    

  • Create and build stories together.   

  • Bring everyday enchantments to life using creative problem solving, performance skills, and art-making activities.  

  • Make magical moments. 




  • Early Bird Pricing available until May 1: $140/week 
  • After May 1: $175/week 
  • Financial Assistance/Scholarships Available! Apply here.

Camps run 9am - 2pm.  Morning and After Care is available when purchasing. Learn more


A note on Covid-19 Health and Safety:

Asolo Rep Education & Engagement is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our students, families, teaching artists, and staff. We have worked hard to put in place specific measures that will ensure our camp and class experiences are safe, comfortable, and fun for everyone.

 COVID-19 Camp Health & Safety Protocols