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Behind the Scenes

Want to know more about how shows are created?

How things work backstage?

What kind of creativity, communication, problem solving, thoughtfulness, and other things go into putting together not just one show---but a full season?

And not just a full season, but a season that has three shows running at one time???


Murder on the Orient Express


It takes a highly skilled and stealthy crew to make theatre magic happen each time the curtain goes up. Catch our backstage operatives on the job during a production of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.



Our Associate Production Manager Mike Rodgers gives a backstage view of how we moved the train in our production of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.


Mertz Backstage

Ever seen the backstage of the Mertz Theater? Look at where we store sets and costumes backstage. Check it out now!


Prop Shop

Props Masters are masters of disguise! Check out a glimpse into our amazing prop shop with Jeffery Dean, Properties Artisan.


Changing-Over the Rep

Working in Rep takes an army of talented stage hands who know the theatre like the back of their hands. Take a look at what it takes to turn Asolo Rep into its own performing arts district!

Want to learn more about what Rep means? Go HERE.


Green Theatre

Check out how Asolo Rep uses and reuses elements of scenery to keep it environmental. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!