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Intimate Apparel

NOW - April 18, 2024 


Directed by AUSTENE VAN


Be seduced by the story of Esther, a Black seamstress in 1905 New York seeking love and companionship. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage returns to Asolo Rep with Intimate Apparel, a searing, sensual, and powerful story of forbidden romance. Esther spends her days sewing corsets for other women but hasn’t found love for herself. When she receives a letter from a Barbadian man working on the Panama Canal, Esther kindles an exchange that leads to marriage with a stranger, even while her heart is drawn to a Jewish shop owner who’s promised to another woman. Nottage’s lyrical and heart wrenching play is a modern classic about the power of human connection.

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Dial M For Murder

NOW - April 25, 2024 


From the original by FREDERICK KNOTT



Hang on to the edge of your seat through the twists and turns of a gripping cat-and-mouse game in Dial M for Murder. Frederick Knott’s classic thriller of blackmail and revenge, the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic movie, is given a stylish, intoxicating update in Jeffrey Hatcher’s brand-new adaptation. In 1950s London, a husband hatches a plot to murder his wife after discovering she’s having an affair with another woman. When his plan goes awry, he must scramble to keep from getting caught. Will he get away with it, or will justice be served? Only one way to find out. “Wonderfully theatrical... The pace is quicker, the dialogue is snappier, the women are smarter and more complex.” -The Times of San Diego

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FSU Conservatory's Romeo & Juliet

NOW - April 28, 2024

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Jonathan Epstein

Experience Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, ROMEO AND JULIET, in a groundbreaking production by the FSU/Asolo Conservatory. Discover the Cook Theatre transformed into a thrust imitating the historic Globe for an experience of intimate communion with the actors. As the Montagues and Capulets' blood feud mirrors today's divided world, explore the universal themes of sacrifice, love and the enduring power of beauty in the face of relentless hatred.

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