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Kaleidoscope is an umbrella of programs that celebrate the unique voice and creative expression of neurodivergent individuals and individuals with disabilities through the performing arts. 


Try Something New

Connect to musical theatre...anywhere!

Kaleidoscope Connect is a set of short videos designed to introduce elements of musical theatre in an inclusive and accessible way. Participant Artists try out movement (dance), voice (singing), and expression (acting), guided by Asolo Rep Teaching Artists. 

This is a free theatre toolkit that is great for both classrooms and living rooms. Connect and create with Kaleidoscope!



Create Community

Kaleidoscope Community is set of professional development opportunities for educators, aides, and administrators, bringing the arts into the classroom and community space. 


Connect with others in your field as you explore how artistic thinking, theatre, storytelling, and creative movement are tied to social emotional learning, confidence, communication, and community building.




Learn Together

Kaleidoscope Classroom is an opportunity to bring the arts and creative discovery into your learning spaces! 

In these 5 dynamic sessions, Asolo Rep Teaching Artists use theatre, movement, and story to inspire participant artists to create, collaborate, and explore, connecting with learning objectives, social emotional learning, and each other.

Share Stories and Make Art

Kaleidoscope Create is a long-term program where we learn and try out performance skills and storytelling techniques, encouraging everyone to bring their distinctive talents.

Participants deepen their dramatic skills, build connections with fellow artists, and create a collaborative performance that is available for the community.

Kaleidoscope History:  

Since 1995, Kaleidoscope artists have been creating beautiful experiences together. Learn more about culminating performances from year to year. More information and artwork to come. 


2019 Community Partners: Bayshore High School, Easterseals Southwest Florida, and Oak Park School.

About the Performance: Calicope: Things Are Not What They Seem is an original musical created by the 2002 Kaleidoscope participants. This fairy tale tells the story of the fierce King and Queen of the Kingdom of Calicope and their daughter, Princess Hope, who, along with the family's fortune, goes missing. This innovative musical features a fairy god mother, a good knight, a wicked witch, a goblin king, a dragon guarding treasure and more!

Download the flyer for more information.



2018 Community Partners: Bayshore High School, Easterseals Southwest Florida, and Oak Park School

About the Performance: The Kaleidoscope: Wheels of a Dream showcase presents a glimpse into varied artistic styles of each group’s explorations. Some ensembles demonstrated the classroom exercises they have been using in their workshop sessions, including movement and vocal activities. Others performed their own short musical, with a script generated by the participants themselves. The showcase performance is free to the general public. 


2017 Community Partners: Bayshore High School, Easter Seals Southwest Florida, The Haven and Oak Park School

About the performance: Heartbeats presents a glimpse into the unique artistic process of each group of artists. Some ensembles will demonstrate the exact classroom exercises they have been using to develop focus and cooperation in their workshop sessions. Others share characters and stories they have imagined and rehearsed, including original dialogue generated by the participants. Veteran Kaleidoscope artists who have participated in the program over multiple years perform their own short musical, taking inspiration from the Beatnik-era evoked by Asolo Rep’s current production and scenic design by Tony®-winner David Gallo. 


Community Partners: Bayshore High School, Community Haven for Adults and Children, Easter Seals Southwest Florida, and Oak Park School.

About the Performance

Kaleidoscope is made possible, in part, with support from

Bernard & Mildred Doyle Charitable Trust

For more info about Kaleidoscope contact education@asolo.org or call 941-351-9010 ext. 3320