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Monday Musical Moments

Be your own Hero in the new year and let this Monday Musical Moment inspire you! In 2014 Asolo Rep helped launch a brand new work, HERO: THE MUSICAL. Comic book lover, creator, and dreamer Hero Batowski knows there is wonder all around him, but after a personal tragedy, he needs the help of his friends to rediscover it. An energetic pop-rock score from Michael Mahler, combined with the effusive performance of Brian Sears and an incredible set make this Monday Musical Moment a great way to fly into the new year.


WNLC - Deck the Halls - Week 32

It’s not too late to start decorating and spread a little holiday cheer! Get into the spirit with this little taste from our Holiday Concert under the Sarasota sky: WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS. In this funny and energetic rendition of DECK THE HALLS, host Matt McGee gets the party started and is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Bonnie & Clyde - How 'bout a Dance - Week 31

Let the gorgeous voice of Laura Osnes carry you away with this week's Monday Musical Moment: 'How 'Bout a Dance' from our 2010 production of Bonnie and Clyde. With music by Frank Wildorn, lyrics by Don Black, and an irresistible co-star in Jeremy Jordan, this intimate moment captures the chemistry between Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.


Matt McGee - Week 30

This Monday we bring you a sneak peak of the Holiday concert with a look back at the concert’s host: Matt McGee. A beloved Tampa Bay performer, Matt has dazzled Asolo audiences on several occasions including these two morsels from our 2018 production of RHINOCEROS and 2016 production of LIVING ON LOVE.

Bonnie & Clyde - This World Will Remember Me - Week 29

In 2010, Asolo Rep achieved an unprecedented high-water mark with our production of BONNIE AND CLYDE, catching the meteoric careers of Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes as their stars were truly beginning to rise. Their electric performance thrilled Sarasota audiences before transferring to Broadway, garnering Tony-award nominations and cementing them both as leading actors in the American Theatre. In this week’s Monday Musical Moment, we bring you the song that set in motion the iconic and tragic relationship of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker: “This World Will Remember Me.”


My Fair Lady - Overture - Week 28

For many, MY FAIR LADY is familiar, beloved ground. In our production from 2011, we were delighted to discover the unsung hero of Golden Age musical theater: Trude Rittman who did the masterful arrangements for this two-piano overture. Get the scoop from Producing Artistic Director, Michael Donald Edwards before you hear Doug Peck and Ian Weinberger bring the piece to life beautifully.


Guys & Dolls - Marry the Man Today - Week 27

Sometimes you have to close your eyes and leap. Roll the dice with us in this week’s Monday Musical Moment from our 2016 production of Guys and Dolls, featuring amazing performances by Audrey Cardwell and Veronica J. Kuehn!


The Sound of Music - Do-Re-Mi and Edelweiss - Week 26

In the closing moments of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic The Sound of Music, The Von Trapp Family is finally forced to take a stance. Will they keep their heads down and stay silent or stand against the rising tide of fascism in the country they love so dearly? In our 2019 production, this moment was thrillingly crystalized in the concert sequence with Do-Re-Mi and Edelweiss. Stick around after the clip to hear from Producing Artistic Director, Michael Donald Edwards about how this moment landed in the theater.


Evita - Opening Act - Week 25

One of the most stunning moments in recent Asolo Rep history was the opening of EVITA when the incomparable Ana Isabelle’s portrayal began with a show stopping entrance. Stick around after the clip to hear from Producing Artistic Director Michael Donald Edwards on how the idea was born and what it meant for the show.

The Sound of Music - Sixteen Going on Seventeen - Week 24

If you’re like us, then you’ve been feeling as if time has been following its own rules lately. In one sense, it reminds us of the precious time of youth, when one year seems like an eternity. Take a trip down memory lane with Sophie Lee Morris and Cole Doman in this magical "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from our recent production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC (which was going into rehearsal one year ago this month!)

Josephine - Nobody's Listenin' - Week 23

It seems like there is a lot of yelling going on these days - but is anybody listening? In our 2016 production of Josephine, Josephine's friend and confidant, Bricktop, has the same question. In this week's Monday Musical Moment, get the setup from Michael Donald Edwards before watching the powerhouse performance of Lynette Dupree in "Nobody's Listenin'".

Josephine - Love Songs - Week 22

Combine the astonishing life of Josephine Baker with the incomparable talents of Deborah Cox and you have the ingredients for Asolo Rep's glamorous 2016 production of JOSEPHINE. This sizzling take on the great activist and entertainer will take you straight to the heart of a 1940s, Jazz-fueled Paris on the brink of war. Get the setup from Producing Artistic Director, Michael Donald Edwards before immersing yourself in the power of LOVE SONGS, the closing of the first act.

South Pacific - Bali Ha'i - Week 21

This week's Monday Musical Moment will take you far away to your own special island. Float on the incredible voice and performance of Loretta Ables Sayre as she calls you across the water from our 2014 production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic: SOUTH PACIFIC.

MMM: What You Need to Know

Go behind the scenes of this week's Monday Musical Moment with the brilliant Loretta Ables Sayre on the role of Bloody Mary, how her language reflects who she is, and what South Pacific means in our world today.

Ragtime - New Music & Wheels of a Dream - Week 20

In our most extensive Monday Musical Moment yet, see the segregated worlds of early 20th century New York collide and then dream of a brighter future in this clip from our 2018 production of Ragtime. From "New Music" to "Wheels of a Dream", Producing Artistic Director Michael Donald Edwards sets up the poignant optimism captured by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty in this masterwork.

West Side Story - Somewhere - Week 19

Art has the powerful ability to help us imagine a different, brighter future. That's just what happens in "Somewhere", this week's Monday Musical Moment from Asolo Rep's 2015 production of West Side Story. Hear from Michael Donald Edwards about what makes this moment between Tony and Maria so poignant and so unique in Musical Theater before you dive back in.

[+ Special Thanks to Bill Wagy for all his labor in bringing these moments back for us to experience again!]


The Sound of Music - The Lonely Goatherd - Week 18

One of our favorite things from this past season was Maddie Shea Baldwin leading our seven amazing Von Trapp kids through a stormy night with the story of "The Lonely Goatherd." With a little imagination (and excellent Pillow Choreography from Josh Rhodes!) Sophia Cavalluzzi, Tyler Gevas, Judah Immanuel, Raina Lynn Khatami, Allie McLaughlin, Cora Messer, and Sophie Lee Morris overcome their fears and start to become the Von Trapp family again.


Sweeney Todd - Not While I'm Around - Week 17

Everyone can use a guardian, especially when times are hard. Join us as we find comfort in the beautifully melodic "Not While I'm Around" sung by David Darrow and featuring Sally Wingert from our 2019 production of Sweeney Todd.

The Sound of Music - Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Week 16

The wonderful Liz McCartney sings “Climb Every Mountain” in our 2019 production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, directed by Josh Rhodes. Composed by Richard Rogers with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, this beautiful song inspires hope, determination, and dreams.



Contact - The Girl in the Yellow Dress - Week 15

This week we bring you a scene from our stunning 2009 production of CONTACT, directed and choreographed by Tomé Cousin and produced in collaboration with The Sarasota Ballet. Here, the Girl in the Yellow Dress (Shannon Lewis) challenges the men in a New York City bar to the beat of Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible. Dress by legendary Broadway costumer, William Ivey Long.

Pulse - I've Got You Under My Skin - Week 14

This week we take another look at Noah Racey's Pulse from May, 2013. Please enjoy this sizzling adaptation of I’ve Got You Under My Skin featuring the cast of male dancers and the remarkable Frances Bradley.

Pulse - Drum Crazy - Week 13

Noah Racey's PULSE, a joyous celebration of American song and dance, made its world premiere in May, 2013 and still has audiences cheering today! Here, Noah and company bring the house down with "Drum Crazy."

Guys and Dolls - Sit Down you're Rockin' the Boat - Week 12

Josh Rhodes' choreography dazzles in the rousing “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat" from our 2016 production of GUYS AND DOLLS. Brilliantly led by Todd Buonopane’s Nicely-Nicely Johnson, be sure to stay tuned for Fredena J. Williams' crashing solo at the end of the number as General Matilda B. Cartwright.

Evita - Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Week 11

Evita - Buenos Aires - Week 10

We travel to Buenos Aires with the stunning Ana Isabelle, who brought more than a touch of star quality to our 2017 production of Evita.

South Pacific - Carefully Taught - Week 9

Rodgers and Hammerstein's 1949 musical SOUTH PACIFIC was one of the first to explore racial prejudice. We bring you "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught" with a special intro from Michael Donald Edwards and director, Rob Ruggiero.

Ragtime - He Wanted to Say - Week 8

 We checked in with Director Peter Rothstein and Choreographer Kelli Foster Warder about "He Wanted to Say" from Ragtime. Hear their thoughts about the song.


Ragtime - Make Them Hear You - Week 7

South Pacific - Nothing Like a Dame - Week 6

Wishing you a happy Memorial Day with a little sunlight on the sand and moonlight on the sea. This week's #MondayMusicalMoment is in special honor of our veterans – "Nothin' Like a Dame" from our 2014 production of South Pacific.




The Music Man - Rock Island - Week 5

 The unforgettable opening number of The Music Man, "Rock Island." The final lines of the song: "When the man dances, the piper pays him" became part of director Jeff Calhoun's inspiration for Harold Hill to be a tap dancer. He was also inspired by the incredibly talented Noah Racey.

Paul McGill's choreography in "Rock Island" isn't only designed to mimic the movements of people on a train,  it's also tied to the lyrics of the song. Notice how each time someone says "talk," they all bounce, each time someone says "bicker," they lean back in their chairs, when someone says "you need a," they sway to the side, etc.  This means that every actor had to know the lyrics for the full song, not just the parts they sang.






Show Boat. Ol' Man River - Week 4

Please enjoy Michael James Leslie and ensemble singing Ol' Man River from our 2013 production of Show Boat — truly one of the most memorable musical moments in Asolo Rep's history.



Asolo Rep's Producing Artistic Director, Michael Donald Edwards sits down to chat with 2013 Showboat director Rob Ruggiero to learn why Asolo Rep's 2013 Showboat "will always stand out". Listen now to find out more!


1776. He Plays the Violin - Week 3

Please enjoy He Plays the Violin from our 2012 production of 1776. Andrea Prestinario is Martha Jefferson, accompanied by Bernie Yvon as John Adams and Andrew Boyer as Benjamin Franklin.





Interview with Frank Galati and Michael Donald Edwards. part 2

1776. Sit Down John - Week 2

Please enjoy Sit Down, John from our 2012 production of 1776, the kick-off production of our five-year American Character Project (2012-2017). Pay special attention to the top row on the left. You might just spot photographer Cliff Roles as Lewis Morris. What was your favorite American Character Project production? Share below!



Interview with Frank Galati and Michael Donald Edwards


West Side Story - Week 1

Mambo and Maria from our 2015 production of West Side Story.



Interview with West Side Story Director Joey McKneely. Part 1


 Interview with West Side Story Director Joey McKneely. Part 2