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Monday Musical Moments

 The unforgettable opening number of The Music Man, "Rock Island." The final lines of the song: "When the man dances, the piper pays him" became part of director Jeff Calhoun's inspiration for Harold Hill to be a tap dancer. He was also inspired by the incredibly talented Noah Racey.

Paul McGill's choreography in "Rock Island" isn't only designed to mimic the movements of people on a train,  it's also tied to the lyrics of the song. Notice how each time someone says "talk," they all bounce, each time someone says "bicker," they lean back in their chairs, when someone says "you need a," they sway to the side, etc.  This means that every actor had to know the lyrics for the full song, not just the parts they sang.






Show Boat. Ol' Man River - Week 4

Please enjoy Michael James Leslie and ensemble singing Ol' Man River from our 2013 production of Show Boat — truly one of the most memorable musical moments in Asolo Rep's history.



Asolo Rep's Producing Artistic Director, Michael Donald Edwards sits down to chat with 2013 Showboat director Rob Ruggiero to learn why Asolo Rep's 2013 Showboat "will always stand out". Listen now to find out more!


1776. He Plays the Violin - Week 3

Please enjoy He Plays the Violin from our 2012 production of 1776. Andrea Prestinario is Martha Jefferson, accompanied by Bernie Yvon as John Adams and Andrew Boyer as Benjamin Franklin.





Interview with Frank Galati and Michael Donald Edwards. part 2

1776. Sit Down John - Week 2

Please enjoy Sit Down, John from our 2012 production of 1776, the kick-off production of our five-year American Character Project (2012-2017). Pay special attention to the top row on the left. You might just spot photographer Cliff Roles as Lewis Morris. What was your favorite American Character Project production? Share below!



Interview with Frank Galati and Michael Donald Edwards


West Side Story - Week 1

Mambo and Maria from our 2015 production of West Side Story.



Interview with West Side Story Director Joey McKneely. Part 1


 Interview with West Side Story Director Joey McKneely. Part 2