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Silent Sky

Silent Sky

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By Lauren Gunderson  
Directed by Seema Sueko 

“A deeply moving and profound play, written by one of our greatest living playwrights” - BroadwayWorld

Silent Sky tells the story of pioneering female astronomers with humor and warmth” - The Washington Post

At the turn of the 20th century, years before women had the right to vote, one woman’s breakthrough changed our perception of the stars. 

Full of wonder, humor, and heart, SILENT SKY is the remarkable true story of Henrietta Leavitt, one of the pioneering women astronomers working at Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s. You will be enthralled by the story of this extraordinary woman who took on the astronomy establishment in order to discover the mysteries embedded in the sky. Henrietta transcended the odds while navigating love, family, and the universe, going on to make a world-altering advancement to the field of astronomy that forever changed our view of the cosmos. 

Written by one of today’s leading playwrights, Lauren Gunderson, this mesmerizing drama is directed by Seema Sueko, who recently brought this work to life at Washington D.C.’s Ford’s Theatre. 

Recommended for general audiences.


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