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Strategic Plan 2017-2022

From our Producing Artistic Director 

Michael_Donald_Edwards_small.pngStaging Our Future 

For nearly 60 years, Asolo Repertory Theatre has been a cultural gem, presenting World Class Theatre that is created in our community, for our community. At its core, Asolo Rep has always been and will always be a sanctuary for artists from around the world to explore, evolve and create. 

The time has come to put into motion our five-year strategic plan that will enhance and strengthen our position as one of the most important professional theatres in the United States. Our 2017/2022 strategic plan reflects our passion to make compelling bold artistic statements, to take risks on the stage and select work that engages our audience intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. 

As we conclude our five-year American Character Project and embark on a thrilling new artistic venture, Staging Our World, one common thread remains vividly clear: theatre is a global necessity, not a luxury. The stories we tell encourage open dialogue and create empathy by providing the rare opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes, if only for an hour or two. To see these stories unfold live before us, whilst surrounded by strangers and neighbors, is a unique experience that only theatre can provide. 

This five-year strategic plan is a concrete declaration that we will continue to flourish and thrive as an institution, as artists and as global citizens no matter what obstacles we face. 

We will explore New Frontiers by providing an artistic home for the highest caliber of theatre professionals, creating a vibrant new play development program, promoting inclusivity and diversity in our audiences, and unifying Asolo Rep’s brand. 

We will maximize Community Impact by engaging in stimulating dialogue concerning local, national, and global issues, as well as expanding and deepening our youth and family programming. 

We will build a Strong Foundation by acquiring and developing the appropriate facilities, infrastructure, and technology to amplify and support the creative goals of the theatre. 

A very special thank you to our treasured community, whose outstanding support continually inspires us to address our challenges and strive to achieve the highest artistic integrity. 

At Asolo Rep, all the artists, actors, directors, designers, artisans, staff, and board know that we must continue to be champions of theatre, an ancient art form that could not be more vital today. We are ready. 

Please join us in Staging Our Future


Michael Donald Edwards
Producing Artistic Director