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The Andrei Project - HANG

by debbie tucker green I Directed by Andrei Malaev-Babel

The Andrei Project - HANG

by debbie tucker green I Directed by Andrei Malaev-Babel

About The Show

His life. In her hands. A woman and her family are victims of an undisclosed, horrific crime at the hands of an unidentified, and now incarcerated, assailant. Years later, their lives still reeling from the events of that horrible night, the woman is summoned by two government officials to determine how the perpetrator will die. Chilling, darkly humorous and beautifully poetic, this powerful play brings us into the heart of her unimaginable decision.

Cooley Acting Studio
Free general admission.
seating for 40


The Andrei Project


The Andrei Project is a new and exclusive lab teaching the Demidov Technique to second year Conservatory students. The project will culminate in two weekends of performance of the one act, hang, by debbie tucker green, February 21-23 and February 28 – March 1.

“The essence of the Demidov technique is rooted in the culture of creative freedom. The Demidov School teaches actors how to listen to their own creative individuality, while following artistic instincts. The Demidov internal technique cleanses the channels of actors’ perception, stimulating an unhindered flow of subconscious creativity. The “Demidov etudes” foster actors’ spontaneity and emotional responsivity. They develop a performer’s readiness to surrender to the given circumstances, and to fully immerse in character."

The Demidov School cultivates a habit of independent creativity, both in acting homework, and in rehearsals. It trains the actor who can become an equal collaborator to the director, and co-creator of the performance.”