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Asolo Rep Presents Maya Part Three of its Ground Floor Series: Making Musicals

Posted: July 1 / 2020

Asolo Rep continues its Ground Floor: Making Musicals series, on Thursday, July 9 at 6pm with a preview of M Y  , a new musical set in 1930 during the Gandhi Salt March, with book and music by Cheeyang Ng, book and lyrics by Eric Sorrels: At the center of the story is Maya Mehta, a Cambridge-educated girl from India striving for recognition as a poet in the West, while her family plans her wedding to a wealthy prince. But in one life-changing moment, the Salt March, led by Mahatma Gandhi against the tyranny of the British Empire, arrives on Maya’s doorstep. When Maya joins the thousands in their quest to shake the foundations of an empire, the Mehta family’s world changes forever. With a score that fuses Western pop and Indian Classical music, Maya is about the ties that hold us, the illusions that bind us and the truth that can finally set us free.