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Shakespeare in Love

Tom Stoppard and Mark Norman’s brilliant seven-time Academy Award-winning film, including Best Picture, bursts to life on the Asolo Rep stage. Promising young playwright Will Shakespeare is tormented by writer’s block while two competing theatre managers are demanding new comedies replete with romance, adventure and maybe a funny bit with a dog. To his rescue comes the beautiful and vibrant Viola, Will’s greatest admirer and the inspiration he’s been longing for. But Viola has a secret and Will finds himself star cross’d. This sweeping romantic comedy is a love letter to the arts, as Viola proclaims: “I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all.”‚Äč

January 13-March 28
Previews January 10, 11, 12

Based on the Screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Adapted For the Stage by Lee Hall


Creative and Production Team

  • Director, Rachel Rockwell
  • Scenic Designer, Scott Davis
  • Costume Designer, Susan Mickey
  • Lighting Designer, Robert Wierzel
  • Sound Designer, Ray Nardelli
  • Composer/Music Director, Neil Bartram
  • Fight Director, Matt Hawkins
  • Chicago Casting, Simon Casting
  • New York Casting,                                            Paul Hardt – Stewart/Whitley
  • Local Casting, Celine Rosenthal
  • Hair/Wig & Make-Up Designer, Michelle Hart
  • Voice & Dialect Coach, Patricia Delorey
  • Stage Manager, Nia Sciarretta
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Devon Muko
  • Dramaturg, Paul Adolphsen


In Order of Appearance

  • Jordan Brown (Will Shakespeare)
  • Matt Mueller (Kit Marlowe)
  • Jack Wetherall (Henslowe)
  • David Lively (Fennyman)
  • Matthew McGee (Lambert/Wabash)
  • Andrew Bosworth (Frees/Ensemble)
  • David Breitbarth (Burbage)
  • Colleen Lafeber (Mistress Quickly/Ensemble)
  • Matt DeCaro (Tilney/Sir Robert De Lesseps)
  • Sting The Dog (Spot)
  • Peggy Roeder (Queen Elizabeth)
  • Aleksandr Krapivkin (Valentine/Ensemble)
  • Laura Rook (Viola de Lesseps)
  • Catherine Smitko (Nurse)
  • Rex Willis (Musician)
  • Anthony J. Hamilton (Ralph/Ensemble)
  • Nolan Fitzgerald Hennelly (Nol/Ensemble)
  • Dustin Babin (Robin/Ensemble)
  • Wes Tolman (Adam/Ensemble)
  • Addison Ruscoe (John Webster)
  • Brandon Dahlquist (Wessex)
  • Nate Burger (Ned Alleyn)
  • Christopher Carlson (Sam/Ensemble)
  • Kedren Spencer (Molly/Ensemble)
  • Mary Ellen Everett (Kate/Ensemble)
  • Amy Helms (Ensemble)
  • Amber Lageman (Ensemble)