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The lawyer: a young, brilliant, courageous woman arguing Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court. The plaintiff: a hard-living, single woman hoping for a quick end to an unwanted pregnancy. The aftermath: a place in American judicial history and a lifetime of inescapable notoriety. Lisa Loomer cuts through the headlines to deliver a clever, comic and poignant portrayal of the two women at the center of one of the most infamous court cases of all time. Taking place from the 1970s to the present with characters on both sides of the issue from decidedly pro-choice to decidedly pro-life, Roe reflects the polarization in American today while illuminating the heart and passion each person has for their cause.

March 16-April 14, 2018
Previews March 14 & 15

By Lisa Loomer
Based on the Original Production by Bill Rauch

Creative and Production Team

  • Director, Lavina Jadhwani
  • Scenic Designer, Rachel Hauck
  • Costume Designer, Tracy Dorman
  • Lighting Designer, Tess James
  • Composer & Sound Designer,                         Paul James Prendergast
  • Projection Designer, Wendall K. Harrington
  • Wig & Make-Up Designer, Michelle Hart
  • Local Casting, Celine Rosenthal
  • Movement Consultant, Jaclyn Miller
  • Chicago Casting, Simon Casting
  • New York Casting,                                            Paul Hardt – Stewart/Whitley
  • Production Stage Manager, Kelly A. Borgia
  • Stage Manager, Nia Sciarretta
  • Associate Scenic Designer, Lawrence Moten
  • Associate Projection Designer,                        Kristen Ferguson
  • Dramaturg, Paul Adolphsen
  • Assistant Stage Manager, Devon Muko
  • Voice & Dialect Coach, Patricia Delorey
  • Projection Programmer, Micah J. Stieglitz
  • Lighting Programmer, Parker Conzone


In order of appearance

  • Bri Sudia (Sarah Weddington)
  • Terri Weagant (Norma Mccorvey)
  • Kedren Spencer (Aileen/Barbara/Uma/Pregnant Woman 3/Ensemble)
  • Colleen Lafeber (Linda Coffee/Judy/Pregnant Woman 1/Ensemble)
  • Mary Ellen Everett (Helen/Pregnant Woman 2/Ronda/Ensemble)
  • Tracy Michelle Arnold (Molly/Mary/Ensemble)
  • Michelle Aravena (Ofelia/Connie Gonzalez)
  • David Lively (Doctor Kennedy/Henry Wade/Justice Blackmun/Ensemble)
  • Jordan Brown (Henry Mccluskey/Robert Flowers/Abortion Doctor/Ensemble)
  • Nate Burger (Ron Weddington/Floyd/Flip Benham/Ensemble)
  •  Gigi Spagnolo (Melissa/Emily)
  • Jade Turner (Roxy)