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Camps and Classes FAQs

About Camps

My child has never acted before. Can they participate?

  • Absolutely. Because our classes focus on building skills, Asolo Rep offers programs accessible for beginners and experienced students.
  • Please contact education@asolo.org if you have questions about the suitability of a particular class. 

What will my child be doing in camp?

Each week of camp brings something new and exciting. Campers will respond to weekly themes, explore different stories, and learn skills and techniques through theatre exercises, games, and activities. 

The emphasis of each week-long class is on skill-building and the process of collaboratively creating stories and works of art and not on rehearsing a polished play.  

What if my child isn't familiar with the theme that inspired the camp?

Theme classes pull inspiration for drama skill-building from material popular with young people. However, detailed knowledge of the source material is not required. In themed classes, students do not reenact the story or perform a play based on it. Instead, the theme is a framework to launch new stories devised by the camp.

Who will be teaching these camps?

Asolo Rep Teaching Artists are highly-qualified educators, performers, and artists who share a passion for teaching. Many have advanced degrees and teaching certifications, while also having extensive stage, film, and performance credits. Through direct programming creation and collaboration with Asolo Rep Education & Engagement staff, students who work with our Teaching Artists receive dynamic and substantive artistic and educational experiences across all programming areas. 

Camp Day

What should my child bring to camp?

  • Campers should dress in comfortable clothing they can move in and wear closed-toe shoes. 
  • Each camper should bring a lunch, 2-3 snacks, and a water bottle. Please label all personal belongings.  
  • Although we don't need many supplies to make beautiful theatre, if there are other items for specific camps, families will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of that camp. 
  • Screens should be left at home. Asolo Rep is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. 

What is morning or afternoon extended care?

  • Extended care is supervised unstructured time before and after class. Students may play games, color, read, or watch a movie. 
  • Students are welcome to bring activities or books. These items will not be shared with other campers. Asolo Rep is not responsible for lost or damaged items--please leave valuables at home!
  • During Morning and After Care, staff will also facilitate optional activities for participants including crafts, storytelling, and group games either inside or outside. 

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Do students bring lunch?

  • Students in all-day classes will need a sack lunch daily.
  • Campers should have at least one snack each day, especially if your student is staying for extended care. 
  • Food sharing is not allowed. 
  • Children do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave.
  • Please also send a water bottle with your student each day.
  • Asolo Rep Education & Engagement camps and classes are NUT FREE ZONES. 

Can my child use a cellphone, tablet, etc. in camp?

  • Students will not be allowed to use electronic devices (including cell phones) during class hours or lunch break.
  • While they may be used during Morning and After Care, please remember Asolo Rep is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Why does my child come home saying they played games all day?

Theatre games are carefully designed exercises that help build concentration, confidence, and cooperation; the building blocks of theatre education. While fun, they are also essential to the skill-building that goes on in any theatre program. Theatre games are just one element of the comprehensive curriculum in our classes. 

Policy & Procedure 

What is the pick-up and drop-off procedure?

  • The week before your camp you will receive an email with detailed instructions and the locations for pick-up and drop-off. 
  • During registration, parents/guardians can add names of individuals who are approved to pick-up your child. Only these individuals are able to sign-in or sign-out your child. If you need to add or otherwise adjust your approved pick-up list, please contact education@asolo.org with the change of information by 9am the morning of camp.  
  • During drop-off, all campers will need to be signed in by a parent/guardian who is on the approved list. 
  • During pick-up, all adults picking up children are required to show legal ID in order to sign out your child(ren).     
  • Campers are accompanied by an Asolo Rep Staff member at all times as they are ushered to and from the classroom. 
  • Only Teaching Artists, Asolo Rep Staff, campers, and parents/guardians are allowed in the building where camp is being held. Parents are only permitted into the building during drop-off/pick-up and during our weekly sharing.  

What if my child needs to miss all or part of a class?

  • Because our students are collaborating and creating a piece of theatre together, attendance and punctuality are crucial. We anticipate students will attend every day of the class in which they enroll, except in the case of illness or emergency.  
  • Consecutive absences may affect how a student participates in the culmination of the program.  Please check your schedules before registering for a program. 
  • If your child will be absent or late, please contact us at education@asolo.org. Knowing about an absence in advance helps teachers adjust lessons accordingly. 
  • There are no discounts or credits for missed classes. 

Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy


Asolo Rep reserves the right to alter or cancel programs as necessary. If a program is cancelled by Asolo Rep, participants will receive a tuition refund in full. 


  • All withdrawal requests must be sent in writing to education@asolorep.org 
    • If a participant withdraws from a class before the second day of class, the registration cost is refunded, less a $25 administrative fee.
    • Due to the resource scheduling and commitments required to provide the programs, no refunds are given after the second day of class.


  • Asolo Rep Classrooms have 1-2 teaching artist to every 12 children over the age of 6. In addition, we always have 1-2 administrators who are there to support the class and take care of any potential safety issues that may pop-up.   
  • Snack and Lunch are held outdoors with 2-3 adults present at all times. When students need to go inside to use the restroom, 1 adult goes with children and the others stay outdoors.

Security Protocols

  • The majority of our camps are held at our annex site, which is located at 5333 N. Tamiami Trail. The building has security cameras at various points outside of the building.   
  • All doors to the Annex classroom spaces are locked from the outside with a coded keypad. The code is only accessible to staff and teaching artists.
  • Campers are accompanied by an Asolo Rep Staff member at all times as they are ushered to and from the classroom. 
  • Only Teaching Artists, Asolo Rep Staff, campers, and parents/guardians are allowed in the building where camp is being held. Parents are only permitted into the building during drop-off/pick-up and during our weekly sharing.  
  • Once camp begins at 9am, cones are put up in the driveway to discourage passersby from entering the parking lot.   

Still have questions? 

Please email education@asolo.org