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Adapting classics in a new world  

Explore Shakespeare in your classroom with Asolo Rep’s BardWired! 

BardWired is a set of educational programs that dive into the powerful words of Shakespeare’s text, exploring different ways of adapting, interpreting, and connecting with classic stories. Uncover the complexity of the characters through performance; understand the stories by creating your own adaptations; and connect with the language and make it your own--through theatre.  

Have questions? See the FAQs at the bottom of the page or email education@asolo.org to see if BardWired is right for your classroom.  

Adapting Shakespeare Residencies 

Hey students: Did you know that Shakespeare was also an adaptor? Many of his plays are adaptations of classic tales and histories that were changed to fit the time period and the stage. Now it is your turn to put Shakespeare’s skills into practice and adapt his stories for our world today.  

Essence of Shakespeare 

Find the essence of a Shakespearean play and create art with it! In this dynamic residency, students work with Asolo Rep Teaching Artists to identify a main theme in one of the Bard’s works. Students use digital media, visual art, and pop culture to share their message, learning more about the story and the themes in the process. 

Length of residency: 3 1-hr sessions OR 1 3-hr session 

Grades: 6-12 

Standards Addressed: LAFS.910.RL.3.9, TH.912.H.2.2, TH.912.H.2.2, TH.912.C.1.7, TH.912.O.2.7, TH.912.H.3.3 

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Adaptations of Shakespeare 

Make Shakespeare’s stories yours. In this introduction to adaptation, classes explore how diving into a text can allow you to design the Shakespearean interpretation of your dreams.  Using textual analysis, research, and our imaginations, students have the opportunity to explore the different worlds and circumstances in which we can set a Shakespearean play. 

Standards Addressed: LAFS.910.RL.3.9, LAFS.1112.RL.2.4:, TH.912.H.2.2, LAFS.1112.RL.3.7, TH.912.C.1.7, TH.912.S.1.6, TH.912.O.2.7 

Length of Residency: 5 1-hr sessions 

Grades: 8-12 

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Adapting Shakespeare’s Shows 

Have a specific work you’re playing with? We’ve got you!  

Students work with Asolo Rep Teaching Artists to interrogate and rethink a full play, adapting it to be one act by emphasizing the important plot points. They will be challenged to imagine their own vision of the world of the play, the text, and the characters through the eyes of today.  

This program culminates with students developing their own concept for adaption and pitching their initial ideas.    

Play Menu:  

  • Adapting: Much Ado About Nothing 

  • Adapting: Romeo & Juliet 

  • Adapting: Hamlet 

  • Adapting: Macbeth 

  • Adapting: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

  • Adapting: Julius Caesar 

  • Adapting: Twelfth Night 

Standards Addressed: TH.912.O.1.4, LAFS.910.RL.3.9, LAFS.1112.RL.2.4:, TH.912.H.2.2, LAFS.1112.RL.3.7, TH.912.C.1.6, TH.912.C.1.7, TH.912.S.1.6, TH.912.O.2.7 

Length of Residency: 8-10 1-hr sessions 

Grades: 8-12 

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Who are the Asolo Rep Teaching Artists?

Asolo Rep Teaching Artists and Staff are highly-qualified educators, performers, and artists who share a passion for teaching. Many have advanced degrees and teaching certifications, while also having extensive stage, film, and performance credits. Through direct programming creation and collaboration with Asolo Rep Education & Engagement staff, students who work with our Teaching Artists receive dynamic and substantive artistic and educational experiences across all programming areas.  

Asolo Rep Teaching Artists and Education & Engagement staff are required to be background checked and to have proof of up-to-date Covid vaccination status on file.

What does a residency cost?

The cost of a residency varies depending on the program, number of classrooms, and number of teaching artists. The base cost (1 teaching artist, 1 classroom) is below.  

  • Essence Shakespeare: $300/classroom 

  • Adaptations of Shakespeare: $450/classroom 

  • Adapting Shakespeare’s Shows: $650/classroom 

Please do not let budget be a barrier: We at Asolo Rep believe in the value of the arts and the artists that we employ, which is why we are open about the cost of programming.  We also want every student and educator to have access to unique and meaningful arts experiences. If cost is a barrier, communicate with us, and we can talk about how we can make something happen.    

What if my class schedule doesn’t fit with the residency’s structure?

We’ll work with you! Our goal is to create an experience for you and your students that is going to be responsive to your needs so that everyone can participate feeling comfortable and confident. Tell us what you need and we will work together to make it happen. 

What does a residency generally look like?

  • Step one: Schedule and talk about the needs in the classroom.   

  • Step two: Teaching Artists meet with educators/administrators involved. This may also include a classroom visit so that Teaching Artists can witness the culture and set-up of the classroom. 

  • Step three: Sessions! Teaching Artists work with educators/administrators to maintain schedule.  

  • Step four: Reflections and evaluations.    

Asolo Rep Teaching Artists are bringing in arts-based learning experiences that should be considered instructional time. Please do not schedule students to leave or have interventions or tutoring during this time.  

Students participate to their highest degree when the adults they know and trust also participate. Come be part of the fun and your students will, too!  

For more information contact: 
Gaby Rodriguez (she/her), Community Engagement Associate: education@asolo.org