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Faces of Change

The Project:

Faces of Change, Asolo Rep’s seventh annual community-based documentary theater project, is created from the real-life experiences of local residents and community members and is inspired by this season’s production of Bekah Brunstetter’s The Cake. Stories will not only showcase LGBT unions, but other “non-traditional” modern marriages, including those with racial and religious differences, and blended families. Through the collection of stories (by way of story circles and interviews), Asolo Rep aims to provide an opportunity for local community-building: this process allows for an ongoing discussion and collaboration, and uses theater to create connections and to explore connections that already exist. Faces of Change is part of Asolo Rep’s IllumiNation Series. For more info, please visit: asolorep.org/illumination


The Event:

Whether in the Cook Theatre at Asolo Rep, or hosted by a community partner, the evening will include a free theatrical reading of the assembled text, a post-show talkback discussion with participants and creators, and a reception open to audience and community members.


The Timeline:

Interviews, story-gathering, creation of text: August-February

Rehearsal: March- April


Asolo Performances


Community performance


Faces of Change is made possible, in part, with support from the Koski Family Foundation Fund for New Audiences.