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Nia Explains It All

Want to learn more about terms and phrases that are specific to theatre? Ever wonder why people say, "Thank you, five!" or "Nothing for the group!" Check out our newest installments of "Nia Explains it All!"


Health and Safety Protocols

Health & Safety Protocol - General Covid Precautions

Health & Safety Protocol - Safety in Rehearsal & Performance

Health & Safety Protocol - Patron & Front of House Safety

I Can't, I Have Rehearsal

I Can't, I Have Rehearsal

Watch this video to find out why Nia can't make a full episode this week. Then get ready for A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM! More information on streaming coming soon.




Ever wondered if that food you see on an actor’s plate is real? If it is, it’s a "consumable". Hear from our very own Nia Sciaretta on how this works and take a look at our 2018 production of ROE to see it in action.



It's Fall which means, in parts of the world, it's time to break out your rakes! In this episode, Nia is here to let you in on the ways that we use rakes in the theatre. Hint: no falling leaves are involved!


Off/On Book

Actors, have you got your lines memorized? That means you are Off Book! If you are still working on memorization have no fear, the Stage Manager is here for you and is On Book. This week Nia explains the terms, Off Book and On Book, and let us in on one of the many reasons that Stage Managers are an important member of the production team. #YearOfTheStageManager


Kabuki Drops

Nia is back after a break to explain the magic of Kabuki Drops. Special Guest Associate Production Manager Michael Rodgers demonstrates how Kabuki Drops work by showing us one of the ways theatres use solenoids.



What's a Scrim? It is a magical theatrical tool that can be used as a screen to create surprising theatrical reveals or to hide other elements from the audience’s eyes. Nia explains how a scrim was used as a transition in 2018’s THE MUSIC MAN.


Performance Reports

Stage Managers use Performance Reports to communicate with the creative, production, and admin teams after each show, especially if something unusual happens! Tune in for Nia’s dramatic readings from Performance Reports of yore.



Theatres have been using revolving stages long before HAMILTON made them cool. Discover how this turntable “pie” works in a musical, like Asolo Rep's 2014’s production of HERO as Nia lets you in on the secrets of a Revolve. 

  • Hero: The Musical
  • Book and Concept: Aaron Thielen
  • Music and Lyrics: Michael Mahlan
  • Director and Choreographer: David H. Bell
  • Music Director: Ryan T. Nelson
  • Scenic Design: Scott Davis
  • Costume Design: Ana Kuzmanic
  • Lighting Design: Jesse Klug
  • Projection Design: Aaron Rhyne
  • Sound Design: Kevin Kennedy



Quick Changes

Theatre magic at its finest! Changing costumes in the blink of an eye always takes a team (and often some secret rigging!). Nia explains it all with clips from Asolo Rep's 2017 production of EVITA.

  • Costume Design: Brian C. Hemesath



From the German for seated rehearsal, a Sitzprobe is a rehearsal where the actors sing with the orchestra, focusing attention on integrating the two groups. 

Special Guest Sinai Tabak, the Music Supervisor for The Sound of Music, joins Nia this week to explain.



Places! Places, please! Why in the world do people in theatre call places? And what happens during that time?



Some shows have incredible fights that happen onstage. How to performers (and every around them) get ready to do them in front of an audience? This week Nia dives into Fight Call, and the process actors go through to prepare for those spectacular fights!

Fights by Mark Rose for Asolo Rep On Tour's 2019 Romeo & Juliet. Featuring FSU MFA's from the 2020 graduating class: Joe Ferrarelli (Tybalt), Jonathan Grunert (Mercutio), and Michael Judah (Romeo).


While they're in the rehearsal room, how do actors know where set pieces will be placed? Nia gives us the info on how Stage Managers makes some very colorful magic happen. 


This episode is all about blocking. With special doggy guest Lily! Try this at home with your own dogs (or other family members) and let us know how it goes!


Take a closer look into Nia's job as a Stage Manager as she "Calls a Show". You may need to watch it a few times to see all everything that goes into a quick onstage transition!


What's a Doofer? Nia and the Asolo Rep Stage Management Team let us in on their stage management terminology and demonstrate how to make a Doofer of your own!


Nia tells us the history of the Ghost Light (and a bit about Asolo Rep, too!).


Fire Curtains

In this episode, Nia lets you in on the secrets of the all-important Fire Curtain. Learn all about Asolo Rep's historic ties with the fire curtain and how we turn the practical into the artistic!

What theatre secrets do you want Nia to demystify next?