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Box Office: 941.351.8000 / 800.361.8388

About Gloria - Spoiler Below


Gloria is set in the Midtown Manhattan offices of an elite magazine, and follows three unfulfilled editorial assistants who are desperately trying to climb the corporate ladder and realize their ambition. The previous evening, office loner Gloria threw a party, but only a few coworkers came, including Dean, an editorial assistant in his late twenties with a drinking problem and frustrated dreams of becoming a writer. The assistants talk, among other things, about how sad Gloria is, and she interrupts their conversation several times looking for various coworkers. The act ends with Dean hearing screaming, then a gunshot, before witnessing his intern Miles shot in the back by Gloria, who is offstage. Gloria enters and shoots another editorial assistant, Ani, in the face, and then again once she is on the floor. Dean is backed up against some filing cabinets. Gloria thanks him for coming to her party, and then shoots herself in the head. The stage direction reads: “Blood splatters everywhere.” This violent act is both referred to and enacted. Act two sees the survivors of the shooting vying for book deals about their experiences as they process their trauma. In these discussions, the shooting is referred to often and in some detail. The final scene is set in a Hollywood production studio where the most successful memoir is being turned into a movie. This scene includes some discussion of the violent act as well.