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The 2014-15 season is the third season in an ambitious five-year project that will examine and celebrate the extraordinary people, culture, history and experiences that make our country unique. Throughout the American Character project, our seasons will feature select productions that explore, embody, and attempt to define what it truly means to be an American.

Money. Power. Sex.

Stirring, bold words that ignite an imaginative spark.

2014-15 is the third season of Asolo Rep’s ever-expanding American Character Project, and the charge of examining the many facets of American culture leads us to consider a broad range of plays each year. While we don’t consciously set out to pursue an overarching theme, deeper currents are inevitably revealed that connect all the shows in our season.

This year, the roles of women, sexuality, power dynamics, and money have leapt out as the themes that reverberate through the season, starting with South Pacific, and running through The Matchmaker, Good People, Both Your Houses, Our Betters, and Sotto Voce, all the way to Luck Be A Lady and Woody Sez. Witnessing how these plays “speak” to each other becomes a truly singular experience – one that cannot be missed.

The season’s plays tackle cultural clashes and journeys to open mindedness and racial tolerance. They examine the sometimes fraught link between marriage and money, and the ways that social and economic inequality truly work in America and around the world.

The pieces range from sharply funny and wonderfully smart classics to imaginative, moving, and brilliantly theatrical contemporary works. The season wraps up with two vibrant musicals – one a world premiere – that showcase the works of two iconic masters whose music underscored many key American moments of the past century.

As a company of creative artists, we’ve responded so strongly to these plays because they give us a fresh way of thinking about the world around us, and more agency to engage with it.

But theatre, at its best, is a collective, collaborative experience – an ongoing dialogue between artists and audience. It must be shared in order to thrive. Your presence, your enthusiasm, and your engagement truly complete the picture.

So join us. Discover why these plays matter – to us, and to you.

Come see everything and let that spark catch fire.

Michael Donald Edwards
Producing Artistic Director